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Research suggests that adults
 who were bullied as children are
more likely to have higher levels
of substance abuse, be involved

in domestic violence, have lower

self-esteem and higher

risk of depression.

Suicide rate among adolescents
aged 10 to 14 is 1.3 per 100,000,
and it spikes among teenagers
15 to 19 (7.67 per 100,000).




80% of adolescents

report being bullied during

their school years.



Bullying is Widespread


Research indicates that children

that are targeted by bullies have

more health related issues including headaches, sleeping problems,

lowered immune systems, and

stomach ailments.

Help Us Put A Stop To Bullying!

More then 160,000 school children stay home each day out of fear, usually of bullying, often without telling their parents why.

Bullying AffectsSchool Attendance 

Analysis of high-profile school shootings such as Columbineand Virginia Tech revealed thatup to 71% involved attackerswho felt bullied, persecuted,attacked and injured.

Bullying CanLead to Violence 

Bullying Can Impact

a Child’s Health

Bullying Can Be

an Underlying

Cause of Suicide

Bullying Impacts

People Into Adulthood

Labeled “Yubbie” because he was different, as a kid Joe Wojcik was overweight. The name-calling was just a part of the bullying, and the pain he experienced had a very big impact on him throughout his youth, teens and into early adulthood.


Eventually Joe grew past his early experiences and founded The Yubbie Foundation to develop and present educational programs, seminars and presentations on preventing bullying and social violence and promoting wellness so individuals can lead productive and fulfilling lives.

The Yubbie Foundation focuses on putting a stop to bullying in our schools and communities through performances, presentations and programs by Joe the Biker. In addition, The Yubbie Foundation creates educational literature to be distributed and promoted through various media and other venues.

"Joe the Biker"

Our Mission: To stop violence in our schools and communities by engendering respect for all.

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Guide on How to Stop Bullying

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Guide on How to Stop Bullying

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”The most effective strategy to eliminate bullying is to create a sense of community in our schools whereby each member believes that it is his or her responsibility to protect and respect every other member. It is paramount to foster an atmosphere of intolerance for bullying among children armed with practical tools for dealing with it, and strengthened by an environment of open communication and proactive response from parents and educators."

      Joe Wojcik, Founder and Executive Director

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As a bullying expert, Joe starred on a
weekly segment called “Bully Busters”on the ABC affiliate WGGB which won the 2011 Associated Press’s Award for Public Affairs.







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